As a 15 year old teenage boy, there are things that I’m seeing in the world which would seem like, if continued will lead us as a nation down a path which will not end well for any of us.

As I searched for the answer, I seemed to come up with a similar pattern. It seems like we are being seduced by organizations which are big. BIG everything seems to say . . . “Trust, us we’ve got you covered. Give us your time, your money, your allegiance, your trust . . . really your life and we’ll take care of you.”

Hmmmm, kind of link a gang in the inner city.

BIG Government, Business, Education, Labor, Religion, Medical, Media . . . and really everything BIG. It seems like things start out with great intentions, in the beginning, everyone working together for something bigger than ourselves . . . and then . . . over time . . . things grow into something big and then BIGGER and then REALLY BIG.

It seems, to me, that the bigger something gets the more that entity starts to become more and more about itself and it’s members and not about those that BIG are suppose to be serving. Eventually, it seems, BIG becomes so self centered that it must learn to seduce the masses to help them think that BIG is about everyone . . . when in reality . . . it’s only about BIG.