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Mastermind | The Art Of Seduction Of The Masses

One of the most valued experiences I’ve had in life is masterminding with other worldwide thought leaders. I believe that what I have written in this book, that my mind will continue to shift and grow and I value the perspectives of others.

I believe that one of the things that is missing is honestly dialog where individuals can honestly share their thoughts and perspectives. I honestly have learned to value the perspective of others who think differently than I do than those who see things the same way I do. I’m told that this is a very different way of thinking and that most people, especially adults, do not tend to value this. We as human beings, it seems, tend to be drawn to people who think as we think and that seems to be very limiting to me.

There are a wide number of mastermind groups I and others participate in. Please complete the following registration information survey so we can recommend the best mastermind group to assist you achieve your goals / full potential. Some mastermind groups are actually free. Normally the higher the investment into a mastermind group, the more focused the group and the higher the levels of participants in helping people to impact more people at a far higher level and often how to turn that effort into financial gain for everyone involved.