There are many individuals in my network who are amazing speakers to any type of group / engagement. As a high school student, I obviously am limited to how many speaking engagements I am able to do around the world. What can assure you is that if you select someone within my network to speak at your event / gathering is that you’ll never have an experience anything like it.

What is the biggest challenge that most leaders have with speakers who come in and speak? If you said . . . “People following through with what has been shared, I would say that is may experience as well.” Anyone I would personally recommend subscribes to The Action Workshop system which helps to insure that those who attend will take at last one thing from the event and take action / implement that in their lives to change their lives forever. You as a sponsor / leader will have the privilege of hosting an event where people aren’t just motivated, inspired and stretched in how they think, but are stretched in TAKING ACTION.

Personally, as you’ll see in my book, I believe that BIG government, business, labor, education . . . etc. often talk a lot, have a lot of head knowledge, spend a lot, consume a lot, charge a lot . . . but often . . . do not DO / Take Action on doing things that impact those those they serving. I believe that the foundation of all deep knowledge and wisdom comes from DOING not from talking. I and those around me are focused on speaking to people how are TAKE ACTION type of people.

After you complete the survey, we need the decision make for the speaking event to complete the online survey for a complimentary, no obligation 30 minute Strategy Session. A certified consultant from the Legacy Partner network will provide you with a free, strategy session to determine what type of speaker will best be able to assist you in reaching beyond your wildest dreams for the amazing event you are planning.